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Relubro Coolants

Relubro metal working fluids have been carefully formulated to offer outstanding benefits to machine operators in terms of their excellent Health & Safety profile. This technological break through has been achieved without any compromises in machining performance or sump life.

These water based products are a comprehensive range of synthetic, semi-synthetic & soluble oil based products. Relubro is designed to meet the needs from the small engineering shop to the larger end-user, with big central sumps and multi-functional machine tools. This specialist product range is suitable for all metal cutting operations and also many metal forming operations. Relubro products also offer as standard, very broad multi-metal compatibility.


The Relubro range includes:

Heavy Duty Soluble Oils:

·          Relubro LA216        

·          Relubro LA200

·          Relubro LA38           

·          Relubro GP8

High Performance Semi-Synthetics

·          Relubro TLB30      

·          Relubro L700 Bio

·          Relubro L1 Bio          

·          Relubro GP12


High Performance Machining Synthetics:

·          RelubroS521        

·          Relubro S60

·          Relubro LS 100

High Performance Grinding Synthetics:

·          Relubro S90

·          Relubro SA

High Performance Carbide Grinding Synthetic:

·          Relubro SM27AL

Extended Life Copper Wire Drawing Fluids:

·          Relubro FLP

·          Relubro FLZ