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Quality Policy Statement

MacDermid Plc develops, manufactures and distributes materials to the surface finishing, printed circuit and allied industries with the purpose of carrying out these business activities in a way that meets company targets for long term profit growth.

The quality policy of MacDermid plc is to:

provide products and services that:

meet the requirements of customers
conform to regulatory requirements;

maintain a quality management system, to the requirements of ISO 9001, that controls all aspects of the company's operations;

administer the quality management system with a view continually to improve its effectiveness;

generate data to measure company performance, and use these to produce improvement targets throughout the company;

review all operations to identify areas where quality objectives can be set in order to quantify and facilitate required improvements;

The quality manager is responsible for the operation of the quality management system, and has the authority to ensure its effectiveness.

This quality policy statement is displayed on company noticeboards, and a copy is given to new employees. It is reviewed annually, and updated as appropriate.

Lance Phasey
Managing Director

22/08/02 (Revalidated January 2004)