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Products for Engineering

Inter-operational cleaning

During and after machining, swarf and machining coolants can build up on the surface and interfere with subsequent manufacturing operations, inspection and assembly. MacDermid offer a range of aqueous cleaning products to clean and protect components and replace vapour degreasing.

Sintklin EM is a totally synthetic cleaner free of nitrite, boron and oil. It is designed for medium and high pressure spray machines, giving low foam and efficient oil splitting properties. Sintklin EM will give rust protection for greater than 10 weeks indoor storage and its effective biocide prevents bacteria and fungal growth especially in centralized wash plant systems.

Masco 86 has all the features of Sintklin EM but is designed for spray and dunk wash systems where heavier duty cleaning is required. Again an efficient inhibitor system provides protection to pass UNI 9374 and 9375 rust inhibition tests. Both of these products will clean ferrous materials, copper alloys and light metals. These products can also be used in hot water pressure lances to give efficient cleaning and corrosion protection of machinery and large fabrications.

For removal of heavy forging and drawing lubricants Masco 245 DM is the choice. This highly alkaline cleaner will remove difficult soils from ferrous components by spray or immersion. To further increase the cleaning power Add Cleaner 501 Dip or Add Cleaner 503 Spray can be added to the cleaning solution to handle larger amounts of oil.

For longer term rust protection without oil, the water based Additive MBT can be added to the cleaner or the final rinse water as required. Additive MBT can also be used in pressure testing rigs that use water as the fluid, preventing rust during and after testing.

Electron Micrograph scans - crystaline structure of Phosphate Deposits Above:
501 Calcium modified Zinc Phosphate 500x

Phosphates for engineers.                                               

Cold forming

Phosphate conversion coatings have long been used to provide a surface capable of holding lubricants on the metal surface, either physically or reacted with soaps to form metallic stearates. Canphos 405 will provide a heavyweight zinc phosphate coating to hold oil-based lubricants or can be reacted with Sealphos 709 to produce a zinc stearate coating for drawing and cold forging operations.

Friction modification

The performance of sliding surfaces can be enhanced by using a manganese phosphate coating. This provides a non metallic barrier between components and improves lubricant retention. Typically gear box components, cam shafts and piston rings are treated in this manner to improve initial run-in and extend there life. Canphos 601 will produce the correct coating and crystal structure. For certain substrates the use of Prephos 110 grain refiner will ensure a fine grain structure regardless of the surface condition of the base metal.

Below: Canphos 601 Manganese Phosphate used with Prephos 110 Grain Refiner 500x


Rust Protection
Due to there oil retaining nature, phosphate coatings enhance the performance of any rust preventative oils. By absorbing the oil they increase the amount of oil held on the surface and resist loss by run off or weathering. Typically a heavyweight coating of manganese/iron phosphate or zinc/iron phosphate is used for this purpose.

Canphos 601 or Canphos 401 will provide the correct type of coating respectively, complying with DEF STAN 03/11 and similar specs. Following phosphate coating MacDermid have a range of corrosion preventative oils.

Water based emulsion oils such as Oiltech 80 can be used to aid drying of the phosphate and provide good corrosion resistance. Where a solvent based product is preferred Metal Protective Oil will de-water the coating and provide a dry to touch rust protective film.

Stainless steel treatment 

After drawing or forming operations the residues of lubricants and drawing compounds need to be removed from stainless steel. Masco 245 DM is particularly suited to this operation with its excellent penetrating and solubilising properties. Masco 245 DM can be used by immersion or spray and can be boosted by the use of Add Cleaner 501 Dip or Add Cleaner 503 Spray if required. Masco 245 DM is usually all that is required to give a bright clean surface to the stainless steel, however if light deoxidizing is needed then Steel Cleaner 301 can be used to remove light oxide and further brighten the surface. Steel Cleaner 301 is best employed by spray application.