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Pretreatment (Surface Conditioning Technology)

MacDermid's surface conditioning technology is used primarily in the preparation of metals prior to surface finishing. Our pretreatments have been under continuous development and improvement since 1922. It's a science we take very seriously and one in which we have a long history of innovation.


At the heart of MacDermid's pretreatment chemistries are a series of branded products that have led the field since their introduction in 1920's. Metex branded pretreatment products continue to deliver exceptional performance and economy. Generations of metal finishers have learned to trust and depend on them.



Is a universally recognized Aluminum pretreatment system used prior to plating. Bondal is recognised in the 'alloy wheel' plating industry as providing the highest possible adhesion values in a simple, efficient and effective chemical package.


MacDermid also supply a wide range of Metal Treatment chemistry within its Metallurgy range. Click the link for further details. These include pre-paint chemistry, phosphates, anodising products and proesses for engineering.