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Neat Oils

Mar-Draw Forming Fluids
MacDermid metal forming neat oils form a range of high performance heavy duty neat oils with different viscometrics and heavily treated with extreme pressure, antiwear and friction controlling additives. They provide optimum tool life and component quality in many difficult metal forming operations. These oils are pleasant to use, easy to apply or remove and are compatible with many tough metals, such as titanium, nickel super alloys and tough alloy steels. The range includes Mar-Draw TD 40, 130, 500 heavy duty metal drawing oils, Mar-Draw Al high performance forming oil for aluminium, Mar-Draw VO high performance vanishing oil and Mar-Form 60 heavy duty metal forming oil with scourability.

Mar-Cut Neat Cutting Oils
The Mar-Cut neat cutting oil range is a blend of modern refined mineral oil and special additive technology. It is capable of performing in all cutting processes, from fine finishing operations on non ferrous alloys to arduous cutting operations on tough steels and nimonics. These oils are typically light coloured/low odour and suitable for today's modern machining centres and spray mist applications.

The range includes Mar-Cut LT/CF high performance cutting oils, Mar-Cut Neat Oil Al high performance spray-mist aluminium cutting oils, Mar-Cut SE2 / SE4 high performance EDM fluids and high performance Mar-Cut Grinding Oil. MacDermid also can offer other products suitable for broaching, lapping, honing and hand applied tapping operations

Mar-Synth Synthetic Oils

MacDermid have responded to the increasing demands of industry to provide neat oils which will allow today's modern cutting machines to fully perform to their high speed capabilities. This has required the replacement of traditional mineral oils by higher performance synthetic fluid technologies, which also offer the benefit of being more environmentally acceptable. The Mar-Synth high performance synthetic neat cutting oils are a range of neat products derived from vegetable oils and new high performance synthetic mineral oil-free base stocks of differing viscometrics. These oils considerably extend component production rates and also extend sump life by being very stable to oxidation. Compared to traditional mineral oil based products, the Mar-Synth oils will reduce oil consumption by drag out and be easier to re-cycle.

Zerolene Broaching Oils
In the field of broaching, Zerolene cutting oils are considered industry standards because of their unique ability to perform in severe broaching operations where other neat oils fail. Zerolene 38B, 65, SW4D and SW4 Special form a range of special oils containing unique extreme pressure additive technology. They are able to penetrate and lubricate metal surfaces providing unrivalled tool life and component surface finish. These oils complement the Mar-Cut range and can also be considered suitable for difficult threading, gun drilling and gear cutting operations on difficult metals where critical component finish and extended tool life are essential.