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The Metallurgy division of MacDermid provides a range of speciality chemicals for engineers and metalworkers, both during manufacture and afterwards for the final finishing.

Products for Engineering

For use during manufacture, we offer a range of aqueous inter-operational cleaners that ensure work is cleaned correctly - during and after machining - and remains rust free during processing and storage. Designed to replace solvent based cleaners, these products are environmentally friendly with a near neutral pH and boron & nitrite free inhibitor systems. Our range of engineering phosphating products and lubricants are used to aid cold forming for drawing and forging operations. After manufacture our phosphates can improve the wear characteristics of sliding components or, in conjunction with our range of rust protective oils, provide longer term corrosion inhibition .>For a complete range of lubricants and coolants check out our lubricants page.

Aluminium Processes

aluminium processing chemicals provide the aluminium finisher with a complete range of products to prepare the aluminium surface for passivating, anodising or organic finishing as required. Efficient etching or non-etching cleaners are complemented by long life etchants and nitric free desmuts and deoxidisers.Both chrome containing and chrome free passivates are available for use under paint, or for stand-alone corrosion resistance, as required. For the anodiser a range of nitric acid free products and the Fox AGA cold seal will improve the working environment and reduce energy costs.

Paint Pre-treatment

A paint finish is only as good as the pretreatment. MacDermid can provide a comprehensive range of cleaners, phosphates and passivates to ensure good adhesion and corrosion resistance under paint and powder coating. Pretreatment can be tailored to a particular job and substrate or a universal sequence can be put together for the finisher who has to cope with multi-metal components


Acid pickles do not remove grease or oil very well. Efficient cleaning prior to the pickling operation is important to ensure the pickling is carried out quickly and properly. It also ensures grease does not carry over to the galvanizing kettle. This helps to prevent blinding of filters and reduces the amount of ash build up on the kettle. Poor cleaning can also prevent the correct fluxing of the job, giving rise to black spots or even large black patches in severe cases.

MacDermid can supply a range of degreasing chemicals and acid inhibitors and degreasing additives to ensure correct preparation of the steel surface. After galvanizing our water-based Hydroclear product will ensure the zinc surface remains clean, bright and free from white staining during storage. Hydroclear will also act as a primer for paint or powder coating, eliminating the need for futher processing. Hydroclear does not contain chromium or any other toxic materials.