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MacDermid Metallisation Group provides reliable technology for the future, offering a wide range of the industry's most innovative products. From original patents on permanganate desmear systems to the development of M-systemT , we have delivered processes that allow our customers to meet the exacting demands of current and future technologies. Our alternative metallisation systems, Blackhole ® and our advanced carbon-based Eclipse technology have led the way to reliable direct plate processing and end-user acceptance. Our electroplating product range encompasses traditional DC processes through to pulse reverse technology that sets new standards for highest technology products.

M System - High Technology system for Plated Holes
Blackhole - High Quality at Low Costs
Eclipse - A new Phase in High Reliability PTH Processing
HiSpec II - High Performance DC acid copper bath
MacuSpec PPR 100 - Pulse Reverse Acid Copper Bath
Restin PC - High Performance Tin Resist
Restin BMAT - High Performance Tin Resist MSA based