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We have a range of products that continue to evolve in parallel with the increasing demands of industry and technology. The Lubricants Division maintains the commitment of MacDermid to offer the complete solution, from manufacture to the quality finished product.

The Relubro Range of water miscible coolants have been developed, incorporating cutting edge technology, to create a range of high performance coolants that are label free. The Relubro range continues to solve dermatological problems whilst remaining cost effective.

Our range of Neat Oils have been developed, largely by our customers, to meet the increasing demands of industry. Macdermid's flexibility, knowledge and ability to provide a quick response have resulted in a continually evolving product portfolio that offers significant benefits

Foundry Products

Trustol 88/46 is a water glycol hydraulic fluid developed to provide a safe fluid where the risk of fire is high, as often encountered in foundries.

The Therminol range of heat transfer fluids remain thermally stable over a wide range of temperatures.


The Mar-grease range has evolved to provide cost effective, high performance alternatives to the current market brands, with excellent result

Pipework Jointing compounds   

range of lubricants was designed and developed to meet the specification of the water authorities. It provides maximum lubricity with minimal seal swell. The Vinoleo range is compatible with Polyurethane, EPDM, BRS  and SRB seal materials

As well as Relubro80 & Vinbrite from the Lubricant's Division, Macdermid manufacture a variety of cleaners for use in any application. These include spray, dunk wash and simple immersion. Expertise from our Industrial Products Division has resulted in a complete range of products for all cleaning operations; inter-operational cleaning, cleaning prior to and after heat treatment and cleaning as a final finish prior to inspection/assembly/dispatch. 

For further information, a competitive quotation, or to place/progress orders please contact Customer Services, Debbie Wall directly on 0121 606 8431 or email