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On July 1st 2004 MacDermid acquired the intellectual property of Static Coatings
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MacDermid inherited a very broad range of Lacquers, mainly for application on metals, when they acquired Canning and have gone on to enhance and add to that range.

There is still a variety of traditional solvent based products, including a comprehensive selection of Stopping-Off Lacquers (such as our Lacomit and Vinomit), as well as air-drying and stoving lacquers. We also offer a range of chemical bronzes for metal colouring and antiquing.

Increasingly popular, in view of Health and Safety and environmental factors, are our water based lacquers such as Hydroclear.

Our Electrolac electrophoretic lacquer has also found a niche amongst electroplaters in particular, due to the wear and cosmetic benefits it affords. The fact that it is electrodeposited involves similar application requirements to electroplating.

For the jig maker we supply our internationally renowned Ohmax jig coating plastisol.

As well as these products we offer a wide range of specialist materials geared to meet specific applications. We can recommend and supply products for most industrial uses in the Metal Finishing sector and beyond. Please contact us with your requirements and see what we can offer.