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Vinoleo is another specialised area where MacDermid lead the field. It has been specially designed to assist in the making of joints for drinking water transfer pipe lines. Vinoleo is used throughout the world in the assembly of potable and permanent water supply systems.

The innovative chemistry of Vinoleo has progressed through our close working relationships with pipe manufactures and construction companies. All the products in the Vinoleo range are covered under the stringent, UK Water Research Council regulations. This, coupled with our technical and application knowledge, is paramount in providing us with the success this selective product range provides.

The Vinoleo range listed below are compatable with Polyurethane, EPDM, NBR and SBR seal materials following extensive research and development to maximise effective lubrication with minimal seal swell.

Vinoleo 77/14 has been formulated for use on plastic and fibreglass pipes, currently used in drinking water mains installations. It facilitates the positioning of the rubber “O” ring sealing joints.

Vinoleo 80/2 is a vegetable oil based soap lubricant, suitable for the assembly of drinking water (portable water) pipes and mains. This pipe jointing lubricant enables the easy and speedy fixing of sealing joints on a wide variety of piping materials, including metal, asbestos/cement and iron.

Vinoleo 657 is a pipe-jointing compound incorporating a biocidal system for cold water applications. This product is specially formulated for applications on all types of pipe materials.

Medlube is a water based chemical system providing good lubrication together with a powerful bacterial action. Once its function of lubrication and disinfection has been accomplished, it is readily removed from the joint space as it is completely water-soluble.

Greasil 4000 is a water-repellent, non-melting silicone grease with many outstanding properties. Along with its dielectric advantages, it is used as a lubricant for the assembly of plastic pipes, and in the manufacture and of taps and valves.