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Industrial Products

These cover a wide variety of products for the surface finishing of metals and plastics. There are countless applications within many manufacturing sectors from the auto and aircraft industries, through domestic appliances, shop fittings, fasteners and jewellery to tubular furniture and mobile phones

Functional Electroplating - Zinc, Zinc Alloy, Passivates, Seals, Hard Chrome, Tin, Cadmium

Decorative Electroplating - Nickel, Copper, Bright Chrome and Plating on Plastic

Pretreatments - Cleaners (Powder & Liquid), Derusters, Dry Acid Salts

Electroless Nickel - Processes for depositing Nickel without current

Industrial Chemicals & Metals - A wide range of salts, solutions and anode materials for use with our processes

Lacquers - Solvent based, electrophoretic and Water based products, both clear & tinted.

Technical Support - A dedicated backup service for our surface finishing processes