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Mar-Grease Range

MacDermid's standard ranges of lubricating greases are designed to meet the requirements of the large volume usage, based on conventional technology to include the following product groups: Lithium                                 
Lithium Complex
Sodium Complex
Aluminium Complex

The following difficult conditions require high performance products that do not break-down prematurely like conventional greases.

Extreme temperature
High Speed Vibration
Corrosive Conditions
Shock & High Loading
Wet & Saturated Conditions
Food industry
Chemical environment

The Mar-Grease range is designed for such arduous conditions offering a complete solution for all application

Every component that makes up the Mar-grease range of products is designed to   resist wear and ageing. This results in increased performance, extended lubrication intervals, reduced lubricant usage resulting in substantial cost savings.

To complete this extensive range there are a number of food grade greases available as well as WRAS & NIF approved products. Our R&D team has the expertise to formulate and develop products to meet specific requirements that are commercially beneficial.

MacDermid offer many other products within their comprehensive range including aluminium / Copper anti-seize compounds to aqueous based Corrihib 528 corrosion inhibitors suitable for re-circulating cooling systems.

The Mar-grease product range service a wide range of industries and applications making it very difficult to list the whole range of grease available, therefore we would suggest that you browse the TDS or contact your local area sales manager for further information.