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Functional Electroplating

Functional coatings developed by MacDermid are used extensively throughout the world, to deposit corrosion resistant, hard wearing, metallic and organic coatings. These are designed to provide many surface enhancing properties that can exceed even today's most demanding standards and specifications.


Zinc and Zinc Alloy coatings provide cost effective protection to steel, copper alloys and die-cast components. MacDermid's program of innovation is focused on optimisation of the full range of zinc deposits. No other company can provide a range so precisely tuned to market needs.

ZinKlad - These are a range of high performance automotive coatings designed to be hexavalent chrome free & compliant with ELV (End of Life Vehicle) legislation. Click on the icon below for full details.
Envirozin Genesis - Non-cyanide Alkaline Zinc Plating processes

MacDermid's latest patented system, developed as part of the Envirozin product family, delivers unparalleled brightness and excellent distribution. With a cathode efficiency over 80%, its plating speed is matched only by acid zinc. A true revolution in alkaline zinc plating, Genesis is 'the only zinc you'll ever need'.

Tripass - Trivalent Passivation systems

Specially developed to meet the changing environmental responsibilities of our industry. From high performance blue brites and iridescent to high quality blacks, TriPass offers all that's needed to meet specification and ELV environmental needs.

Kenlevel - Acid Zinc Chloride processes

Uniquely tailored to produce decorative deposits with functional properties. Bright, highly levelled deposits that closely match chrome plate from MacDermid's innovation program. Kenlevels are easy to control, solvent free, water based systems for barrel and rack plating applications.

MacuGuard - Mechanical Plating

World-class chemistry, equipment and know-how set MacDermid apart in the specialist field of mechanical plating. A complete range of finishes including zinc, cadmium, aluminium-zinc, brass, tin-zinc and other unique alloys are available for the world leader in this technology.

Enviralloy - Zinc-alloy electrolytes

For depositing zinc-iron, zinc-nickel and zinc-cobalt, Enviralloy was developed to increase corrosion performance by up to 6 times that of standard zinc. Specified by many automotive manufacturers for high performance applications such as under hood and brake components.


Torque N Tension & JS 500 - Top coats

These feature strongly amongst MacDermid's innovative products, providing friction control and enhanced corrosion performance.