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Trustol 88/46

The Trustol 88/46 is a water glycol based hydraulic fluid designed for use in hazardous environments where the leakage of conventional mineral oil based fluids present a serious fire risk. The viscosity meets the ISO 46 standard and can therefore be used in a wide variety of hydraulic systems and operations. It possesses excellent anti-wear and corrosion properties. This technology enables us to re-design for specific performance requirements whilst retaining its excellent properties outlined above.


The Mar-Drive range of conventional neat hydraulic fluids covers the standard performance criteria of 32, 46 and 68 centistokes viscosities. This brand of hydraulic fluids have been developed to work in sync with our cutting coolant oils to reduce the risk of contamination problems frequently encountered due to machinery leakages. Mar-drive products are a well established technology with many applications benefiting from their consistent and effective performance

products are a range of speciality heat transfer fluids developed to cover a wide range of operating temperatures from -85° to 400°C in liquid and vapour phase heat transfer systems. This unique technology enables the fluid to remain thermally stable during extensive production runs; the end result is a system which can maintain constant temperature control and more efficient process. The typical range of fluids available to cover all environments are listed in the table below, for more specific data please refer to the Technical data sheets.

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Therminol is a Brandname of Solutia,St.Louis,Missouri.
MacDermid are the exclusive UK distributors of this product range