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Environmental Policy

MacDermid Plc recognises that it uses and manufactures a wide range of chemicals, many of which have the potential to pollute the environment. Many of the company's activities throughout the life cycle of its products also have the potential to affect the environment.

The company is committed to preventing pollution, and to minimising the impact of all its activities on the environment.

The company's environmental policy is

  • to conduct its operations in a way that ensures continuing compliance with all relevant environmental legislation
  • to improve its operations continuously so that pollution is reduced and fewer non-sustainable resources are consumed

In support of this policy, the company will

    • keep updated with relevant legislation
    • give consideration to potential environmental impacts when developing new products, with a view to reducing pollution, waste and the consumption of resources during the manufacture and operation of products and processes.
    • encourage the re-use and recycling of waste whenever possible
    • operate processes in a way designed to minimise energy consumption
    • set objectives for improving environmental performance
    • provide suitable training for all employees
    • perform environmental activities according to an environmental management system that conforms to ISO 14001
    • encourage the use of an environmental management system by suppliers
    • co-operate with agencies, authorities, trade associations and other stakeholders in activities that promote environmental improvement
    • audit and review operations so as to ensure continuous improvement

This policy will be reviewed annually, and revised and re-issued when necessary.
The policy is communicated to all employees, and to the public and other interested parties on request.


Lance Phasey
Managing Director
MacDermid plc, Birmingham, UK
6th August 2003 (Revalidated January 2004)