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Electroless Nickel

Electroless Nickel deposits are applied, as the name implies, without the use of electrical current, as used in conventional electroplating. They are usually a nickel-phosphorous alloy (alternatively nickel boron can be used) that is applied to metallic and semi-conducting surfaces.

Electroless Nickel gives more uniform deposits in comparison to electroplated nickel

They will provide coatings of uniform thickness and have excellent chemical and physical properties. MacDermid offers an extensive line of electroless technologies including many of the industry's most highly regarded brand names like Niklad, Vand-aloy and Elnic. deposits from these systems range from 1 to 12% phosphorus by weight or up to 5% by weight of boron.

Electroless Nickel offers high chemical resistance and hardness as well as good resistance to wear and abrasion. This makes it an effective alternative to Hard Chrome, particularly on complex shapes and components. Most of the process we supply (as below) offer a pH self regulation option.

Electroless Nickel is also a key part of Plating on Plastic processes, following etch and activation.

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