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Decorative Plating

A myriad of finishes exist to decorate and enhance metals and plastics. No one offers a wider choice than MacDermid. From traditional nickel-chrome to exotic tin-cobalt alloys MacDermid can help you enhance your product's appearance, no matter how challenging the requirement.

From buttons to bumpers and watches to wheels, we have experienced technical staff who can help you find the right finish to make your product stand out from the crowd.

Coloured lacquers, brass, satin nickel and white bronzes are all available along with the traditional nickel-chrome systems. Each innovative system has been optimised for ease of use and consistent high quality performance, ensuring you spend less time troubleshooting.

Cumac Acid Copper

Products developed to provide high leveling and brightness even at elevated operating temperatures. The CuMac range contains coppers specially developed for applications such as plating on plastics, aluminium wheels, zinc based die-castings as well as brass and steel substrates.

Nimac Bright Nickels

Nimac is the culmination of generations of bright nickel product development. It is used in some of the highest quality applications and continues to be the choice of companies looking for a 'pure white' nickel finish with true depth, levelling and lustre, even at low thickness levels. The Nimac range includes semi-bright, bright and microporus systems for both rack and barrel applications.

Fashion Finishes

MacDermid have developed a range of 'fashion' finishes designed to meet demands for new colors and styles of decorative finishes. The range includes; Twilite (grey-blue); Nistan SF (antique-black); CromVet (chrome alternative) and StarVet (nickel alternative).

Plating on Plastics  - Macuplex 

MacDermid helped pioneer plating on plastic technology and is globally recognized as an innovator and provider of world-class solutions. Macuplex has become the industry's most widely used system for plastic pretreatment and is used to plate an increasingly wide variety of plastic types.


A unique decorative nickel system producing a coating ranging from soft 'stainless steel' like satin to full matt. Using a single additive, SatinKote is the perfect solution.

Mach 2

A triple catalyst system makes Mach 2 unbeatable in terms of throwing power and color. A true innovation in bright chrome deposits, with its beautiful blue-white deposit. A system that is easy to control and maintain makes Mach 2 the choice of many leading finishers.


The world's leading trivalent chrome plating system successfully operated in large production facilities from Japan to Scandinavia . Simple to operate, Envirochrome creates deposits hard to distinguish from Hex based systems. Envirochrome is the 'benchmark' in trivalent chrome plating.