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Welcome to MacDermid

have a long tradition of product innovation and as a result hold over 600 patents worldwide. Wherever markets and customers demand performance and quality from materials and operations MacDermid will provide innovative products and exceptional customer service. The core business activity is the supply of technology and products to engineering industries throughout the world.

MacDermid are committed to responsible and sustainable innovation for their industries and the challenges of a changing world. Developing environmentally compliant processes and improving performance of existing systems is an investment MacDermid continues to make. Our track record of process invention and product evolution helps our customers define new market opportunities.

One of the greatest challenges we face is to live up to customer expectations for high quality and fast response service. We try harder than anyone we know to meet these expectations. When our customers put their trust in us, to solve challenging problems, we use every resource at our disposal to resolve them. Our advanced product programs have helped us develop a proactive service capability.